3 CD Bundle

3 CD Bundle

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Three of our best albums for one great, low price. This includes Introducing The Empty Pockets, Voices and The Ten Cent Tour.

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Music from Voices:

Music from Introducing The Empty Pockets:

Music from The Ten Cent Tour:

Track Listing for Voices:

  1. Voices in My Head

  2. I'll Follow You

  3. I Am Strong

  4. You Be The High

  5. The Bubble

  6. Need to Know

  7. Reprise

  8. Built to last


Track Listing for Ten Cent Tour:

  1. Find or Fail

  2. You Know I Do

  3. The Barstool

  4. Leaving Jackson

  5. Empty Pockets

  6. Tractor Song

  7. Nay Says and Maybes

  8. I Hear Your Voice

  9. The Chosen One

  10. Sorry I'm So Good to You

  11. Travelin' Song


Track Listing for Introducing the Empty Pockets:

  1. All I Need

  2. Let Go

  3. The Way

  4. Take Me

  5. Home

  6. Fall Right Now